Monday, January 07, 2008

Kristin Hersh on the Mixter

Ever since Lucas Gonze's weblog mentioned Kristin Hersh's new Creative Commons CASH music project, I've been following the fun things going on at her website.

Her project is exciting because she not only posts her songs on a self-directed payment basis, but also puts up the components of the songs for remixing on a CC basis.

Kristin is a really creative songwriter and a "force" for good. I think that Throwing Muses was a great band but one I was more aware of than immersed in. Now I've come to enjoy her new venture a good bit. I'm all for artists who pursue the new ways of marketing their work. I suggested to Kristin that she post the 'pellas to new songs on the mixter, and now, voila, she has!

Here's the link to her "Slippershell":

Slippershell. She's also put up a second song, "Torque".

I hope our community gives this the remixing and exposure it deserves. I'm glad that Kristin has joined us.