Sunday, January 13, 2008


If you use BitTorrent then you no doubt have heard of isoHunt (wiki). Despite being one of the more successful torrent search sites out there, isoHunt has always been very innovative and forward thinking.

I just read this on a recent blog post and thought it was cool:

This is why support and adoption of licensing like Creative Commons (also started by Lessig) is of greatest importance. You want to save P2P? BitTorrent? File sharing? isoHunt? Then take your anarchist sentiments and eat it, because all you will get is being labelled pirates and thieves and that's not cool. (the accuracy of the name calling is irrelevant) Instead, get as much adoption of Creative Commons licensing as possible, then we can all share our hearts out on more CC licensed materials on isoHunt and BitTorrent and P2P networks without legal repercussions or risk of starving your favorite artist or actor or film maker. Because the internet and P2P is so much more than just free for all. It is the greatest radio and TV on earth. Use it in a constructive way, for good of both producers and consumers. And with the internet, the line between the two is now none too clear. Because you are often both.

..... And Creative Commons is isoHunt's future, you can interpret that however you like.

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