Monday, December 10, 2007

The Kleptones - Live'r Than You'll Ever Be

burn, baby, burn

An early Xmas present courtesy of The Kleptones.

Live'r Than You'll Ever Be - The Kleptones At Bestival 2007

The Kleptones @ Bestival 2007

Whoooohoooooo! Ok..... I'm calmer now. That video really got me going.
Thank you The Kleptones for the present.
Thanks to Beatpicked were I found out about this.
Oh yeah, this isn't Creative Commons licensed material but I sure do wish it was. : )


plurgid said...

LOL ... "OOO I feel just like Orbital" ... that bit just made me laugh uncontrollably for like 5 minutes.

Eric K said...

Well thank you Teru for the plug :)

much love and happy holidays mixter massive!