Saturday, November 03, 2007

On podcasting and mixter--a quick survey

Fanciful Prairie
Fanciful Prairie, CC BY gurdonark @

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of podcasts from the past few months featuring ccmixter music, to illustrate how Creative Commons music provides a soundtrack for the expression of ideas and the sharing of music and culture. I wanted in particular to illustrate what diverse uses mixter music gets.

The S60 October 8, 2007 podcast, for example, whose subtitle is "open to new features", uses Mystro's track "mystro soul instrumental" as the intro and extro for a discussion of Nokia's content-sharing site MOSH.

The PC Podcast for October 17, 2007 featured "Natchoongi (Breaked Club Remix)" by Salman (featuring Salman Ahmad) on its diverse music show, alongside recording artists from traditional media and CC artists.

The October 30, 2007 edition of the podcast "Lithuanian Out Loud" uses the music of Ditto Ditto to accompany its discussion of Lithuanian language and culture.

The Friction Fiction literary podcast, featuring music and poetry for Web 2.0, used the music of Teru and DJ Blue for its September 12 podcast.

The October 19, 2007 episode of The Company Podcast features discussions of the plot of the television show "Heroes", with music by Waldhorn 33, cdk, and Shadow_C from

On the October 25, 2007 episode of the Meet the Gimp podcast, _Ghost's "Surreal in Vienna provides a soundtrack to a podcast of how-to tips on the hip freeware animation program (that I can never use properly) called GIMP.

Meanwhile, the October 28, 2007 Diabetic in Candyland podcast, which features short stories about the topic of people at their "lowest ebb" who are "losing the game of life" uses that cool Rhodes Jam by Avocade to soundtrack the curious story with the odd name "Fart Proudly".

The 28 October 2007 Southanuk Podcast endeavors to bring the "latest news about everything and anything", using Lasswell's "Eye Magic Mix" and Sleeper Space Born's "Ever Colour" as its soundtrack.

The Enquire Blog aims at a teen audience, and its August 2007 podcast "Don't let anyone put you down" features not only an interview with snowboarder Ali Latif, who deals admirably with going blind at age 14, but also Ashwan's song "Boca Boca".

This is just a search-engine-compiled sampler of a few weeks in the podcast life of ccmixter. I think it's great that peoples'songs get the exposure, but I also think it's great that all these mixters are a part of sharing culture with others, and creating a soundtrack for the internet that is free music but also fun music. It's a good thing that these listed mixters did, and now the podcast world is sharing their work with others. I'm grateful to podcasters, who are willing to share our music here, there and yon.


Rolf said...

As a podcaster I want to reverse the thanks. Thank you all (in my case _Ghost, I ripped out 20 seconds out of his music for the intro of for providing us with a free and legal way to play some music in the podcasts.

teru said...

Wow. Very diverse. Which should not surprising considering the diversity of music at mixter but to see listed like this. Thx G. : )

gurdonark said...

hi Rolf. Thanks for your kind note. I know that folks at the mixter are always pleased that podcasters pick up the Creative Commons material and run with it.
It's fun to be an intro, an extro or a dramatic bit of soundtrack flavor.

Teru, it's fun to see what places we go. I'll bet there's a Teru-included podcast for every mood and milestone.

Pete Cogle said...
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Pete Cogle said...

Hi Guys,

I'm a relative n00b to ccmixter, and using it music resources from it in PC
but from what I've researched and listened to it's really great.

Not sure if you guys are aware of Versionist which is another great community
of musicians who collaborate on various forms of reggae music. I use this extensively in my other podcast...
HREF="">The Dub Zone
and it would be great if there was some sort of versionist/ccmixter

I'd also like to echo Rolf's comments - thanks from the the podcasters out to all you music producers. Without
you, we have no show!

All the best

gurdonark said...

Pete--Thanks for the heads up about Versionist. At least once at the mixter a few folks have discussed how it would be cool to have reggae samples. Perhaps that will be a resource to check out.

You podcasters are great--I really see y'all as the "front line" in a new "battle" to share music and ideas in a new way. I'm glad and appreciative that you use mixter songs as the charge in your Tom Swift Pacific Electric Rifles.

Katy MacDougall (from Enquire) said...

I'd also like to say thanks back to the CCMixter community for sharing your work - music makes an incredible difference to a podcast, and Ashwan's Boca Boca mix created the perfect atmosphere for the interview with Adi.