Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Duckett emailed me a logo that he came up with. I like it. : )


spinmeister said...

it looks very funky - just a couple of thoughts:

- a logo with a non transparent background is not easily blended into an existing website design.

- the graffiti on the wall image plus the vinyl reflect a rather specific subset of the very wide musical landscape on ccMixter.

However that being said, it could be really nice in the context of a whole "graffiti" website skin, where the whole top band would be a wall, and at least all the menu items on that band would be consistent with that type of graffiti look.

But I probably wouldn't use that type of look for the default look of the website for reasons of branding as well as general legibility.

I thought I noticed something at one time, that ccHost may be fully skinnable - but even if yes, I don't recall if that was possible as a per user setting.

In any case, a graffiti skin could be a very funky and popular user specific skin.

teru said...

Damn. I should have added that the logos are just for fun. Neither Duckett nor I are looking to change the current logo. We don't consider ourselves to be professional designers or anything. We are just having some fun.

duckett said...

No, not trying to replace the lovely clean design already there, like teru said, just having some fun- but thanks for all the carefully considered feedback! I actually do have a version w/ no b/g "wall", I just liked the way the brick tiles for my newest wallpaper ;)

gurdonark said...

Great logo!

I love the spirit and the fun of unofficial mixter logo's. The next time I fire up my favorite graphics program, the hyper-sophisticated "Drawing for Children", I'm going to be developing designs with a child-like fury.

fourstones said...

this is just folks messing about a paint program yea? go crazy, I say, crazy.

cchost 4.5 goes out today and the skinning in 5.0 is a complete redo. per-user skinning has been there since 1.0 but I'm too lazy to debug it. bah!

spinmeister said...

sorry! both of your designs looked too good for just being whimsical! :-)

duckett said...

Wow, thanks spin! I've been playing around w/ graphics programs since my Mac LC days, and let's just say I was no stranger to graffiti in Boston ;) BTW teru, I downloaded Inkscape, loving it! The advantage of vector-based programs is the ease of tranferability to templates for, say, T-shirts? etc...