Thursday, November 29, 2007

Darkwinter Holidays

I like the Creative Commons dark ambient netlabel
Darkwinter Records, and its companion field-recording netlabel, Wandering Ear Records, a great source of CC samples

This winter they're putting together a fun Creative Commons holiday album, ideal for those with a dark silent night of the soul. Now if only I can find someone who wants to sing the "The Holly and the Ivy" in a Morticia-Addams-meets-the-Cocteau-Twins voice. Here's the information in case anyone else wants to try to spend December all a-carol:

A Candle's Golden Glow" Compilation - Tracks Wanted!

For December we have decided to release a compilation of dark ambient holiday tracks. The idea is inspired by Archive's 2006 release, Silent Night (Shepherds Quake). We are looking for artists to contribute to this release. If you are interested, please note our simple criteria and due dates below:


All tracks must be based on or able to be traced to specific holiday songs. Multiple songs can be used to create your track and any holiday tunes are acceptable.
Tracks must be no longer than 12 minutes long.
Email to let us know where we can download your track by the deadline below to participate.

All material (including Audio, Artist Name, Tack Title, URL) is due by December 15, 2007
Release Date:

December 20, 2007


duckett said...

I'm working on something, where might be good to upload?

gurdonark said...

I like to use which offers good free upload places that are easy for others to access.

My first draft was a lot of fun, but it was not really as successful as I liked (though I started with a killer sample, I managed to fall short on my own merits). I'm going to try again this weekend!