Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ashwan / Grapes / CDK

I love this video. Diving with Turtles in Maui by rogerbly. Soundtrack includes Ashwan ft. Ronan Tyrrell, Grapes and CDK.

Visit rogerbly.com for higher resolution and more CC licensed diving videos. Thanks for the link. : )


Anonymous said...

Thanks! It's fun to edit video to such great cc music. Higher resolution versions of the video are here: http://www.rogerbly.com

All my diving videos use ccmixter music. viva creative commons.

Anonymous said...

how the hell do you find these things?????

teru said...

"how the hell do you find these things?????"

Are you referring to videos with ccMixter music?

: )

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that we should put a ccmixter tag on videos, etc. that use ccmixter content.