Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The singing is in Japanese, style is Anime-pop but you really should take a listen. mp3

Secret of the reality of VOCALOID over long time at the YAMAHA corporation was researched and developed, "Frequency-domain Singing Articulation Splicing and Shaping" (frequency domain song articulation connected method) ultra-advanced technology is adopted. Because of this, the singing of VOCALOID (vowel/consonant) it is connected smoothly, it pronounces fluent kind of Japanese which is not different from the actual human.
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fourstones said...


teru said...

Ha. Posted 4 years ago. via mefi too. ; )

oldDog said...

Great. We've already got rid of those pesky drunken lazy drummers, now we don't need those prima donna singers either.
When's that automatic remix software coming out?

teru said...

I for one welcome our new synthetic overlords.

Terminator: I'll be Bach. (groan)