Friday, September 07, 2007

New Pell Browser

I'm testing a new pell browser -- it's a little rough around the edges but I think you can get what I'm going for.

Feedback -- please!


misterC said...

Cool man!

Couple of rendering issues (I know it's a rough draft, and it may be due to me using IE7 here at work) but other than looks great!

teru said...

AWESOME! Looks great, especially the "Featured A Cappellas" sidebar. Searching pells by BPM was probably #1 on my list of new features. : )

gurdonark said...

I think it's a great idea, and a good presentation. It'd be cool if the key of the 'pella were in, but that's a tall order.

Ran Dumb Dots said...

I think it looks good - simple and useful. One other thing I think people look for is a male or female gender, and I know there are tags for that (maybe not 100% right though). A completely different idea: how about a tag cloud just for pellas (including BPM ranges)? Oops, I guess it's sort of already built in - see the right-hand side of this page:

fourstones said...

ok, I guess there was some pent up demand lol

I've updated the browser with a 'display' field so those of us on laptops can keep the listing on one screen.

re: IE7, my laptop rejected it so I won't be able to check that until tomorrow.

re: keys in pells (and samples) I've gone back and forth. By putting it off however I'm afraid any future implementation would be useless since the first 10,000 uploads would have a blank field. (Maybe if I made it editable by ANY registered user? half-serious)

re: female_/male_singer; I may at some point have an 'additional tags' field but I didn't want to complicate it, I literally made it as simple I could imagine.

teru: speaking of people not tagging correctly: I was shocked to see that several of the CalenarGirl and Jeremy Carr pells were NOT marked with 'melody', I started to see 4nsic without 'rap' tags, etc. This has GOT to hurt remixing because very few people will hunt these down, esp. with the new browser. So if you see an upload like this, use the 'Edit' link to remedy. Thanks.

and Thanks everyone for the feedback, keep pounding on it, I want to go live with the feature Sat night because I'm going overseas Sun morn and won't be online for a couple of days.

teru said...

"So if you see an upload like this, use the 'Edit' link to remedy."

OK. I'll watch for it.

spinmeister said...

For me the key for songs isn't totally vital, since picking different keys and chords is a big part of the remixing fun for me.

That being said, if key information is added, it arguably could be part of the meta-data for any sample, which is not purely percussive.

Which leads to the possibility of breaking samples into two categories (percussive vs. tonal or something like that).

The question is, if one should shy away from adding new meta-data elements, since the existing uploads would not have them. My vote would be in favor of adding new meta data (with appropriate announcements) if they are deemed valuable.

The new meta-data can be added by contributors of materials over time.

MC Jack in the Box said...

man, this is an awesome addition victor. all of my source is organized by bpm (and i keep a dedicated ccmixter folder in my source library) so more than anything else, i want to be able to search pellas by bpm, and now you've let me do this in a simple yet elegant fashion.

all i can say is "FUCK YES!" :)