Monday, September 03, 2007

Innabar & Ljova live in Budapest

Inna Barmash (Innabar) & Lev Zhurbin (Ljova) organized an irregular pub jam session in Budapest ( Hungary) in Kőleves (Soup of Stone). Inna & Ljova got married, and now they are on honeymoon. Inna sang 3 beautiful song, Ljova played his viola. Ljova improvised with Zoltán Lantos (violin) some free etno based string music, and a yiddish folk song with Bob Cohen (violin, vocal).Two hungarian ccMixters (Minimal Art, were present as well...
G-d Bless Ya Inna & Ljova! Keep on Rockin!


teru said...

Thats so cool. : )

Thanks HPP for posting this.

minimal-art said...

Ohh it was amazing night. Fantastic musicians visited in Budapest.
I hope they will upload more songs to ccmixter soon

Ljova said...

we will make sure to! it was so great to meet Marci + HPP both! thank you for the great mixes!

Ljova + Inna

MC Jack in the Box said...

szerencsekívánat :)