Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Calendar Songs

A big plug/hug for Calendar Girl and her recently updated webpage. Making it easier to search and listen to songs by month or by remixer.

And a reminder that the Calendar Songs project has just passed 10 months with 98 remixes so far. So if you want to be on her album you have 2 months left and you better make it good. : )


Gurdonark said...

Remixing melodic vocal samples is not something I do often, as my ways of working make the matching cumbersome for me, but lately I get tempted to give calendar girl's a try, not so much out of a hope to be featured, but because they're really nice song passages, with a lot of heart.

Anonymous said...

o please do make a remix! that would be fun! thanks g and of course teru for the nice words. all best. x