Saturday, July 14, 2007

Imagine Toronto

Recently, cdk kindly used one of my bits of drone to serve as the intro to a really nice downtempo song on the mixter. I resolved to do a music video to accompany it, and asked cdk which city I should feature.

He suggested either a small town in Manitoba, as to which I drew a blank, or Toronto. I have never been to Toronto, but have friends there, so I was very excited to give a travelogue about a city I do not really know. One of my too-many theories is that in a future time we will all travel much less and rely upon reports from other places much more.

I went to, as I have done before, to locate Creative Commons images to fill out my video. I was quite fortunate that one photographer, Sookie, who "performs" as 416style
at, had a taken a treasure trove of Toronto. I therefore assembled "Imagine Toronto"
entirely from her photographs, some trivia I gathered, and cdk's remix.

Would you like to imagine Toronto? Join us here, then:


teru said...

Very, very cool. I really enjoyed that. Great work and great music by CDK.

Anonymous said...

That's great. It's so nice to see a 'real' travelog rather than the stuff tourist boards put out - and I love the music.