Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reading Material

Some articles I've read this past week.

The Record Industry's Decline. Rolling Stone via metafilter

The Revolution of Greed and the Music Industry . via linkfilter

Victim of Dropped RIAA Lawsuit Sues RIAA. Wired via fark


fourstones said...

"This is a pirated MP3 of the smallest violin in the world playing for the record industry."

Gurdonark said...

I read that rolling stone article also--it was good to see the numbers in black and white.

The thing that stood out to me was that the article neglected to mention the immense boom for independent labels arising from the internet and digital distribution.

I do feel badly for small record stores, but I take relief in the fact that faceless chains failed wholesale, other than the big boxes, while many indies surprisingly still soldier on.

Anonymous said...

"fans...purchased $600 million worth of ringtones"
i don't get this. either you're using a phone that doesn't play mp3's (maybe we in norway are spoiled?) or you're too lazy to upload an mp3 to your phone and set it as the ringtone...who buys ringtones?