Monday, June 18, 2007

fourstones in Seattle

I'd love to party down with mixters in the NW if you're around on Sun July 15, probably a dinner at sazerac but I could easily be talked out of that in favor of belltown pool hall.


teru said...

I'd love to kick your ass at billiards. ; )

It's a 3hr drive (oh yeah, you would know that) and I hate driving in Seattle so it's a tough call.

Anyone else? C'mon there has to be some more people in the area.

fourstones said...

heh, well if you make it TO Seattle we can arrange it so you don't have to drive IN Seattle!

Chris Rininger said...

I'm arriving back into town after a weeklong trip that weekend, but I may be able to meet people out on Sunday the 15th. I'm not sure whether or not DJ Blue reads this blog, but I believe he lives here in Seattle, so it would be worth sending him a note also.