Saturday, June 16, 2007

Changed Clothes

A couple weeks ago, I was killing time in the local record store when what should find my eye but a $7.99 copy of Jay-Z's "Black Album Acappella" CD. Needless to say I was on it like stink on shit.

As I pondered the endless possibilities, my best idea kept coming back to ccmixter. As tempting as it might be to pull a Dangermouse and mash something popular and commercial, Jay-Z is already popular and commercial, so why not use his celebrity and interest to generate more interest for folks deserving of it, like fourstones, who put together a pretty fabulous "Funk Construction Kit" of samples over on the mixter that makes up the bulk of the this backing mix.

Changed Clothes - (fourstones vs. Jay-Z)
with vocal contributions by J.Lang, G. Lang & Friend

I think I'm going to begin working on a new project I'm calling "zz mixter", which will combine acappella tracks from Jay-Z's "Black Album" with source tracks available from ccmixter. If anyone is interested in contributing any original source material for this project, which should be posted on ccmixter so that i can link back, send me an email and we can discuss details.

This project is not endorsed by Creative Commons or ccmixter. Just to be safe VS. :)


KarmaHackeR said...

Hey man big music!!!! *****

teru said...

Great idea! : )

I'd love to help in any way just email me if I can do something.

fourstones said...

oh yea, that's a totally cool idea -- you have my, er, blessing ;)

jp said...

I have the bass parts..drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

That is bad ass!!! You throw down some great mixes... this is a great idea too, drop me an email of you need any graphic help.