Wednesday, May 09, 2007


And oldie but goodie: flatwound (aka john/flatwound flatwound/John Pazdan) (of the legendary Pezband) was used in a expose video as part of a congressional oversite investigation into the the Katrina aftermath by Rep. Waxman of my old haunts


John said...

thanks Victor..this wee tune "Everything's Just Fine Thanks", was also used in a Peacepod podcast, and an another short. If it wasn't for ccMixter and, it would still be sitting on a drive somewhere.

If you like what you hear, I am at, as well as, and Pezband, which is another thing I "do", is at

thanks, and again, it's good to be back with people who know what end of the stick is up.

gurdonark said...

This is a great use of the song for a good cause--a real "heads up" on why people benefit from creative commons licenses.