Thursday, April 12, 2007

vadim: over 2,000 downloads

The samples for the DJ Vadim contest have surpassed 2,000 downloads. Quite frankly, if I wasn't paid to do so I wouldn't go near the site until after the 19th.

I just spent 3 hours listening to all the entries so far to double check against booty samples and to encourage the promising talent to.

I recommend checking out 10DOUILL (!), BobaFatt and DJ Benny


teru said...

Holy crap. I first read that as 2000 of the remixes were downloaded. The samples 2000 times. That's insane. : )

Anonymous said...

LOL ... "booty samples" ;-)

this is a great thing for mixter, no ?

Gurdonark said...

I am surprised by that volume, but glad that ccmixter is having such an impact.