Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vadim Entries

We're obviously getting (and going to get) a ton of Vadim uploads, I haven't had time to go through them -- are they generally this good ??? I want to Ed Pick this one but not if it doesn't stand out lol

(lazy? oh a little, but I'm going on the road tomorrow and won't have any time for this kind of thing...)


CDK said...

i've not listened to a lot of the contest entries, but yeah i see what you mean, nice beat but there are other mixes that are the same if not better..

mind you, i am not really liking the vocals for this contest (am i weird?) the melody parts and samples are nice, blah blah blah..

teru said...

I haven't been but hope to do some listening today. : )

teru said...

Actually I've just listened to the first page of entries and it's sounding like the bar is very high for this contest. : )