Saturday, March 03, 2007

Free Music Project

Let's do our part to support the Free Music Project. Help select the best CC-BY licensed tracks on ccMixter. Maybe we can list them here and upload the top 10 after we're done. : )

*edit- I misunderstood. Upon further inspection, it looks as though it doesn't have to be CC-BY. Also looks like people are just uploading their own music. Sorry I should have done a bit more research.


teru said...

Seven Hundred Beats by: DuncanBeattie
Don't You by: Stefsax
Who Am I To Disagree by:MiNiMaL_aRT
Stop(blue mix) by: Ghost_k
Mega Colaboration by: CDK

Anonymous said...

State Of Every Day Madness (strings and things mix) By: CDK

hands down best CCmixter track I've ever heard.

teru said...

Thx Plugrid.

Good track no doubt but unfortunately that one involves a lot of non-commercial samples. IOW you'd have to email everybody sampled and get permission. The project is looking for pre-cleared music.

teru said...

Sorry Plugrid. Looks like I'm the one who misunderstood. I just checked out the uploads so far and it seems any CC licensed is acceptable including non-commercial stuff. Also listening to some of the stuff uploaded it sounds like people are just uploading their own music.

fourstones said...

it sounds like people are just uploading their own music.

although the intent was to upload any open music (we hacked the submit forms with an option to indicate that you don't own the rights to the music)

teru said...

Sorry. I feel stupid for asking but..

Am I allowed to upload those tracks listed above? Or is it better to wait for whomever owns the rights to upload it themselves?

fourstones said...

not stupid at all, I think you're welcome to upload anything 'free' -- I uploaded some mixter tracks.

tip: save the web page for the song, you'll need it for the submit form.