Saturday, February 10, 2007

Intelligent Machinery Pieces Remix Compilation

Intelligent Machinery is a Creative Commons netlabel which offers albums for free download pursuant to Creative Commons licenses. The label has a number of solid releases, including in particular jfox, whose work provides interesting soundscapes for the casual hike or the profound search for the inward meaning of everything.

Intelligent Machinery has a fun remix project going now. It's called "Pieces".
Pieces is described as "a project designed to stretch the borders of incidental sound composition". The remix samples are four-second chunks of a live performance featuring the ambient/experimental artists Khate, FERALCATSCAN and Controlled Dissonance. The submission deadline is March 1, 2007.

I've had fun this weekend creating my own intended submission, "Soul Gourd", and recommend this as an interesting challenge for those looking for a different kind of remix adventure. The samples range from things that almost sound melodic to things that create great noise and ambient atmospheres. I enjoyed this project very much, as it's been a really fun way to stretch my mixing skills, so I mention it in case anyone else wants to try creating songs from four-second experimental samples.
I participated in an earlier compilation on that label, and it was fun to ultimately see my piece get released.

Even if one has no interest in the compilation, the samples are fun atmospheric sections, and worth retrieval.

I hope all are doing well, and enjoying the new mixter features as much as I am.

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