Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fistful of freeware

My favorite part of the Academy Awards presentation was the special award to Morricone. I think he did a great deal to bridge the spaces between "serious" music, "popular" music and "movie" music.

In celebration of his many wonderful screenplays, I thought I would point out that
a wonderful simple-purpose freeware VST synthesizer plug-in called "The Shepherd" enables one to make
those kind of wonderful whistle sounds that sound like, well, Morricone.

If you'd like to have you own VST mules for the Sister Sara of your muse, you can find it by following the links from this spot at kvraudio.

Kudos to freeware softsynth writers, who share just as surely as any Creative Commons remix.

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teru said...

I hope I get to try this VST out soon. Thanks.

BTW- you get an award for best post title on this blog. ;)