Tuesday, January 16, 2007

switch to new Blogger

Does anybody mind if I try to 'new' blogger? It's supposed to 'just work' lol


Mike Linksvayer said...

The new blogger is a big improvement. Whether upgrading "just works" I do not know. I'd say go for it.

teru said...

Please. I couldn't figure it out. I updated my personal page but it changed my user name automatically. I was afraid it might change some user settings making it harder for people to log-in. But I'm not sure if I was just me missing something.

It's cool though. It makes the template way more flexible. : )

Anonymous said...

I just switched BSWC. Love it. Very easy, but lost some code that I had added to the template and needed to decide what I wanted and didn't want. Forced me to cleanup the blog (which was a good thing).

I really like the labels feature and the fact that you can have a separate feed for each label item. Very nice.

fourstones said...

ok, I'll be doing it in a few days. I'm assuming there's a feed for comments (!)