Monday, January 08, 2007

Pandora Revisited

I was exploring Pandora more over the holiday break. A couple opportunities:
1) Check out their podcasts - pretty well done - good stuff for mixters' ears.
2) They listen to everything people send them on media, and if they like it they put it out there. This is a "level playing field" opportunity for CC music that I've brought up before, and I think it ties with the "let's do an album" idea. Check out this item in the FAQ. They require a CD be sent, but it could be a CD full of mp3's the way I read it. I'm not sure about the requirement to have a UPC code, although they do provide a way to get one. On this other FAQ item, they mention that artists get paid via licensing fees through SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, but that wouldn't apply to CC tracks, so someone would need to introduce them to the concept of the CC licenses. I do sense from what I've read that they might be interested, as long as the quality is there (they seem pretty progressive and interested in innovation). Who from CC would be the best person to approach them?

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Anonymous said...

I think Pandora will be most interested in music they can sell through their partners (Amazon and iTunes store), but it's worth trying. I found Pandora very friendly when I sent some feature suggestions.