Sunday, December 17, 2006

NSI Podcasts Mixters

CCmixter Verian Thomas and I have enjoyed debuting a netlabel since we began Negative Sound Institute. We both wanted to participate in sharing and shared culture. We wanted our podcast to feature not only NSI artists, but also to feature other artists who have released work into the Creative Commons. Where better to find such material than the mixter?

Episode 1 of our podcast features each of the following mixters, in addition to Verian and myself:

hepepe, and
Lisa DeBenedictis

as well as NSI artists Mystified, Dava Sobel and Nakjaarna, and singer Steve McNeill.

This podcast crosses genre a time or two, and fits well with the person hunting
something fun to play (and minimize screen on) while completing holiday lists or
meeting year-end deadlines.

You can listen to it on-line by webjay, subscribe to a feed, or download it at:
this site. I like to listen on-line to the webjay, because it's painless and easy.

Verian is the one with the enchanting, radio-ready voice, and I'm that guy with the other voice that sounds in need of a good remix and an abundance of enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy it.

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teru said...

Thanks Gurdonark. What a treat. : )