Tuesday, December 05, 2006

BSWC Wants Your Top 10

biotic from Black Sweater White Cat is "putting together a BSWC ccMixter Retrospective and I was hoping to get some top ten lists from longtime ccMixters."

Email your list to biotic AT mac.com

This is cool. Do it. ;)


fourstones said...

holy shit this is HARD, there is in freakin way to say these 10 are even actually my favorites... I had to stop editing after a half hour because it was futile


teru said...

Biotic - can I work on it over the weekend? Monday OK or is it for Saturday's show?

Chris Rininger said...

It will be very hard for me to do a top 10. My intuition tells me this is hard because we don't have radio overplay that influences traditional top 10 lists. We don't have that environment where a good song comes on and everybody knows it and starts singing along and dancing because sponsors have paid for it to be overplayed. Those are the songs that get on the popular top X lists in my opinion (good AND overplayed). I don't think Casey C. would know what to do.

Biotic said...

I was planning on doing the ccMixter Top Tens Show on the 30th, so you have some time. I would love to get a bunch of lists together and then do some phone interviews during the show with Mixters far and wide.

Biotic said...

There could be multiple top tens lists from the same source. This isn't meant to be an exercise in forcing people into intellectual bondage.

fourstones said...

This isn't meant to be an exercise in forcing people into intellectual bondage.

...but you're not ruling that out for folks so inclinced, right? just sayin....

MC Jack in the Box said...

it was a pretty tough choice but i've got my ten.

keep in mind these are just personal faves, in no particular order, and i love you all even if you didn't make the list so don't go downvote me for being number 11. :)

Biotic said...

Nothing against intellectual bondage if you are into that sort of thing. Thanks jackinthebox for the list and giving us a new handle. Are there more hot tens out there? This is really working for me. I hadn't heard the gurdonark remix on mc jack in the box's ten. Love it. an instant fave.

teru said...

My 10

It's a top 10 of "Lost in the Shuffle" tracks. I purposely did not include site ed picks or contributors of this blog on this list. Hopefully neither Biotic nor Subsystem7 have heard these before. : )

Gurdonark said...

A great exercise. There is no way to create one "top 10" so I just settled for a "good 10". Here's what I e mailed Biotic:

1. Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla: "Brilliant Daze (Daze are Confused mix)"

2. Zikweb, "Morning Life"

3. _ghost: "Lullaby"

4. Antistar.hu "Basement of Universe"

5. xOutsiderx: "Sleep Alone"

6. Zrox: "Stranger from Below"

7. cdk--the Haunting--analog ambient mix

8. zikweb--black snow

9. marco raaphorst--blowing snow

10. shockshadow--missing you