Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lisa DeBenedictis--Tigers

Dear everyone:

I like to do a different kind of remix sometimes--the creation of a music video
to accompany a favorite song.

This weekend, I used the search engine at creative commons dot org to find Flickr dot com photographs to fit the lyrics of Lisa DeBenedictis' song "Tigers".

I posted the resulting music video, comprised entirely of Creative Commons material, at:
on youtube.

I'm never very good with the embed, so please pardon the mere link I place here.

I know that many folks here enjoy Lisa's work, as I do, and I hope you enjoy this take at a video set of "Tigers".

Best, Robert, who records as gurdonark
my Creative Commons netlabel is Negative Sound Institute


teru said...

TY G. I enjoyed that a lot.

I'd like to see a Creative Commons DIY CC-content video contest. It would be a great/fun promotion. It would benefit so many. CC, Flickr, ccMixter, Revver, etc...

fourstones said...

it's funny because your music is so abstract I wasn't expecting such a literal interpretation -- definitely cool.

Gurdonark said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellows. I think a video contest would be great. It would be fun to put together a mixter video set.