Friday, October 27, 2006

New Feature: Publicize

not a biggee but fun and geeky for sure:


get yours from your user page


Marco Raaphorst said...

great new feature! one suggestion: make the gifs transparent.

Gurdonark said...

cool! A myspace and weblog page upgrade.

teru said...


Thanks for the Latest Uploads on this blog too. It shows samples as well as remixes, probably pells too(?). : )

fourstones said...

'make the gifs transparent'

beleive it or not I could not find 'official' transparent logos and whenever I try to do it myself it looks worse!

.pells too?

yes, every upload. I thought about having three different lists but I thought what overkill and just showing off ;)

If you look at the code all you have to do is add &tags=acapella or &tags=sample or &tags=remix to isolate the listing.

Marco Raaphorst said...

I think I have the eps files somewhere on my drive. I can make them transparent for non-commercial use :)

fourstones said...

if you shrink them down the small size and make them look decent I would appreciate it (and check them into cchost)

teru said...

When using the Verbose option with the publicize tool. I get the following message at the end of the track list.

[Unknown macro '[nameerror: message="(ArrayResolver) Context does not contains key 'usertag_links'" code=0 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info=""]']

fourstones said...

I caught that last night, hopefully that's fixed