Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Earth Monkey Productions

Earth Monkey Productions, a netlabel located here, is headquartered on Barrow Island in Cumbria, and releases ambient music (and its related cousins in the chill and downtempo arena) on a Creative Commons BY NC SA license basis.

I stumbled upon them through one of mixter Alex Young's Milieu reviews, where he rightly praised 4th Alternative's melodic ambient album "New Dawn". Other artists range from the mildly experimental to the smoother electronica.

The sharealike license makes this a fertile field for potential remixes, for those who seek out a little pleasant electronica to serve as the pool upon which to skim the beats.

It's a great gift to the Creative Commons--and it's from Cumbria!


teru said...

Cool Gurdonark.

How about a link though? ; )

Gurdonark said...

I thought I put one, but it didn't show up. Blogger frequently gives me pause with its way of doing tags.

It's fixed now.