Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MySpace & Snocap vs. iTunes

I'm sure you read the news but just in case... now you can sell your own music on your Myspace page. MySpace & Snocap vs. iTunes - Wired Blogs

SNOCAP was founded by ex-Napster guys.

Products include:

* SNOCAP MyStore - allows "stores" to be embedded anywhere on the Internet where html can be edited
* SNOCAP Linx - a flexible solution for those who wish to seamlessly integrate content sales into a website
* P2P Plug-in - allows P2P technology to be used in a copyright respecting manner

Anyone else find that last line kind of twisted?


Chris Rininger said...

I think I scanned some headlines on this, but I never read into it enough to...uh...connect the dots ;) If this takes off (seems likely), I wonder what this means for the CC movement. I haven't looked at how the "free" downloads various artists already have are set up on MySpace, but I wonder what licenses are commonly used (By or By-NC seems appropriate, but most of the artists may not even be aware of those options). That might be a good group with whom to evangelize CC licensing. And as for the tracks for sale directly from bands on MySpace, I assume these would still be covered by ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Does that happen automatically if a band self-releases music, or is some action on their part required? I'm pretty uninformed about that. It'd be cool if, maybe after enthusiasm for a particular track dies down, the a cappellas and/or instrumental tracks would be made available under CC license. I agree; it is interesting to see the landscape changing again. It seems like MySpace is a now a direct competitor of Magnatune & others.

fourstones said...

over half of Magnatune's income now comes from licensing, not sales, besides the added value of Magnatune as an album shop is supposed to be that the label reflects a specific catalog -- you go there because you trust and admire their taste.

as snobby as this sounds, taste is anathema to myspace

Chris Rininger said...

I didn't know about the prevalence of licensing income over sales....even that seems like an opp for CC on MySpace though (build a plug-in or something allowing artists to license their stuff right there using CC licenses in addition to selling it). I totally agree that Magnatune's book is solid and MySpace is all over the place (I actually really dislike MySpace from what I've seen), but there will be better filters, and even now you can flag music artists you like as friends, right (at least I think that's how it works)....my comment was not a slam on Magnatune at all - I like it much better than MySpace - it just seems like MySpace could evolve into a competitor or maybe even a symbiotic partner if that makes any sense