Thursday, August 10, 2006

Freesound Founder States Plans to Move to CC Attribution Licenses

I stopped over at Freesound tonight, and there was a link to this CC Mike Linksvayer article with founder Bram de Jong who says, " the end decided to go with Sampling+. In retrospect we chose wrong, and we're planning to ask our users to switch to Attribution/Attribution-NonCommercial, but that's a bit further in the future. " This is gonna be killer (for both sites and their members)! Sorry if you were planning to post something on this Mike; I saw the article and couldn't resist!


fourstones said...

feel free to send pleading mail or forum posts at FS about this... god knows I have ;)

Mike Linksvayer said...

I wasn't going to post anything until the transition actually happens. Glad you're excited by the possible news! Me too. I was very glad to see Bram include that in his responses.

The rest of the interview is pretty good, too. :-)

Gurdonark said...

This is good news. I hope this will result in lots of BY material. I know I will post BY material there.