Thursday, August 31, 2006


What do you guys think of some changes to this blog(sidebar)?

1. Getting rid of the Contributor's list (and blogRadio).

2. Expanding the links list.

Creating a CC friendly links list.
ie Creative Commons blog, cc365,Black Sweater White Cat....

Creating a "On the Side" links list.
ie Mike's & Lucas's blog, Melodiefabriek, Gurdonark@livejournal, CDK@myspace...

Creating a "Tuneage" links list.
ie. Office Naps, Soul-sides, the Kleptones, any non-CC links you frequent to find tunes.

Feedback and/or suggestions greatly appreciated. : )


fourstones said...

I think a blogroll to friends (grant, BSWC, etc. is groovy)

I've actually gotten good contacts from having my link in the contributors list but it's not like I'm otherwise hard to find lol -- kill it if you want.

I vote for an 'open music' link list (magnatune, freesound, disfish, etc.)

and a 'should-be open music' list for soul sides, klepts, etc.

Gurdonark said...

Any or all of those changes sound fine to me.

teru said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll keep watching this thread for about a week before making any changes.

BjornW said...


Changes are good and I think it might be more interesting for the readers of this blog so you've got my +1 vote for changing :)

teru said...

Thanks Bjorn.

& Here's another one for the "should be open music" list. :)
DJ Gygnyvytus

Marco Raaphorst said...

good ideas!

Lucas Gonze said...

I'm with Bjorn. Change and freshness is really good.