Sunday, July 02, 2006

Real World Remixed

New contest. A chance to remix Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel and win this cool prize. : )

**update - Unfortunately it's not Creative Commons Licensed.


fourstones said...

this is pretty freakin cool.

I don't see what license the tracks are under, has anybody registered and downloaded?

Marco Raaphorst said...


but: everything is out of tune, non standard pitch! ai! retuning seriously...

wss the tape recorder not running at normal speed? mmm...

license: not CC. you can only upload to this website not your own. which is super bad! even more so: for such an old track. Gabriel should release on a more open license in my opinion!

teru said...

Sorry, I guess I should have mentioned it's not CC licensed.

It looks to me like a blanket copyright. Any works containing even a sample of the copyrighted material will belong to them since they control the publishing. So... be careful. ;)

Restrictions per the terms & conditions.

You may not

* Release for broadcast.
* Publish to the general public, except through the Real World Remixed web site (
* Sell or give the Sample Pack(s) or part(s) of it to anyone else
* Release for sale in any format (No commercial use)
* No use for advertising
* No use for Film / TV or any other media

Marco Raaphorst said...

you can't post it on your own website.

I don't like that. I guess Peter Gabriel is 'Not ready for the Internet', as Cory Doctorow would say :)