Thursday, July 27, 2006

License Based Sample Search

I added a license filter to the sample browser because I wanted to restrict my sample usages to free and clear samples.

Someday I'll be adding this to the main search page -- as soon as I figure out how to do that.


Gurdonark said...

This is a very good change, for those who, like me, like to do BY more than BY NC

fourstones said...

exactly -- can you tell I'm working on my next commercial album ;)

teru said...

I imagine that adding it to the main page would be useful for film/TV/media people to find music to use on ccMixter. Cool.

Thanks Victor. : )

Gurdonark said...

Teru is right. that new feature plus a little "need music for your film?" would help let film folks not used to licensing stuff know how to find "free with attribution music" to use. It also would help ambient chill pioneers with hip indie record deals find great BY stuff to remix into their own special styles.

On a topic related to this post and Marco's post above, I find that ambient folks almost always are happy/thrilled to be sampled with attribution, but often post NC on their site. As NC is usually irrelevant in ambient (ambient being notoriously not particularly "commercial", I keep waiting for the day when all ambient licenses are BY. Your new engine helps until that golden day arrives :).

New commercial release! yes. I like that la vie chill, which, along with Lisa and this great Ray Davies tribute album I got with a magazine, is my main alternative to ambient these days.