Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As mentioned on Black Sweater, White Cat recently (06/17/06) our playlists are a good place to start for people looking for music at ccMixter.

So... any volunteers? [dirty stare] Yeah I'm looking at you. ; )


Gurdonark said...

I did one of the early ones, but whenever you wish to begin to "recycle", I'll be happy to do one again.

Biotic said...

The Webjay playlists were very useful in putting the CCmixter show together. it was good to see what mixters thought would hang together in a set and then I compiled a massive set of all the ccmixter webjay sets:

did this mostly for my own enjoyment. There might be some duplication in there. Let me know when new sets come together. I really enjoy using ccmixter material in the show.