Monday, June 12, 2006

Mandala Underground:Cybersutra Suite

Cybersutra Suite by Mandala Undreground is an irregular, international spoken word project. Spoken words (haikus) by hepepe (HUN). Female Voice: Swami Swanna Bolte (HUN). Musicians: Cezary Ostrowski (PL), Marco Raaphorst (NL), Anthony Raijekov (BL), Gurdonark, John 'Flatwound' Pazdan, Shockshadow (USA), teru (CAN). Netlabel: Disfish Records (off course).
I'll record my haikus in some hungarian radio studio after FIFA World Cup in July. I'll send 2 musicians their haikus. I'd like to upload our complete spoken word files in September. After Disfish debut I'll upload my haikus to
That's all folks. G-d bless our dreams, and keep we rockin! Ohm Mani Phemme Hung. Go Sox.

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teru said...

Thanks for letting us know Hepepe. : )