Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Now Available

My Life in The Bush of Ghosts - remix project.

The studio tracks for A Secret Life and Help Me Somebody are now available for downloading and remixing here (via CC). So awesome. : )


teru said...

I'm having some computer issues and can't upload to the site right now.

Here's my mix of Help Me Somebody. If you've got a second, please check it out. It'd be nice to get some feedback before Brian Eno & David Byrne hear it (LOL, I wish).

http://www12.asphost4free.com/teru06/teru's remix.mp3

Ran Dumb Dots said...

Hey, listened to the remix, and I like it - really like the bass & the fast paradiddle (sp?) hits on the hand drums - I like all the sounds - only thing critical I can think of (and this isn't a problem for me) - the chord prog is pretty basic & familiar (by design it seems) - good luck - I hope they do hear it & love it ;).....Chris

teru said...

Many thanks Chris. : )