Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sickboys and Lowmen

Since Sickboys and Lowmen posted their songs on Simuze I've become a fan of their music. Sickboys and Lowmen's songs are warm and sometimes melancholic pop music and it also has somewhat of an altcountry sound. I'd love to see them perform live and listen to my personal favorite 'Sunny Days' somewhere on a field in the sun. Enjoy ze musica!


teru said...

Anyway you can get some of your artists on ccMixter? You know, as kind of blackmail for being nice to you on this blog.

In hindsite I guess we should have blackmailed you first. I've never been good at this sort of thing. I'd be a terrible hostage negotiator. ;)

Excellent music for sure. I'm off to the pitch & putt. I'm hoping this song improves my game. Thanks. : )

BjornW said...


You don't have to blackmail me :)

We certainly try to make them aware of initiatives like ccMixter and spread the word. I'm also looking for some way of implementing the ccMixter API in Simuze to facilitate this even more. Lets see what the future brings us.

Grant Robertson said...

"Ok, I gave you the pack of cigarettes and the turkey sandwich.. let go of the hostage" - Teru

Seriously, Sickboys and Lowmen are day 113 on I love it. And I'm also really happy to discover Simuze, I've already found some great stuff there. Thanks Bjorn!

BjornW said...

Hi Grant,

Nice to hear you that found some music on Simuze that you like, I'm sure the Sickboys and Sqeeky appreciate your nice words. Keep up the good work!

Sicco said...

We do appreciate it! Thanx all, and hope you will enjoy our music in the future too!
Cheers, Sicco [sickboys and lowmen]