Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Acoustic self-promo

A few weeks ago I did a performance for an art exhibition called Samen Meer in Den Bosch, Holland. Together with singer Remco Hogendoorn who also sang on a few albums for John McCaig’s band Fell.

video 1: Meesterspel (poem by Daniƫlle Gloudemans)
video 2: De wereld staat even stil (poem by Karin Haanstra-Visser)

So the lyrics were already written… something I am not good at. So we were lucky, because writting the music was an easy job for us. Both tracks will be recorded properly one day soon.


PatChilla said...

The audience just appears to be clueless!! Luckily, it appears that it doesn't phase you guys at all. Was this a sales pitch of some sort? BTW, nice vibe.

Marco Raaphorst said...

The audience was cool. But very diverse and most came in to see some art. They we not expecting to see lazy musician doing the hippy thing. It was cool, people really loved it.

It was for a television program in Holland, Clubvan100. The guy at the right is Bram van Splunteren a great Dutch television-maker.

We're (Remco and me) planning to record some song based on poems written by others. All Dutch and pure. Simple. Acoustic instruments, noisy mics and a little audio-tweaking here and there to stretch the sound :))***

BjornW said...

Nice! I like the laid-back feeling especially now that the summer started in the Netherlands ;)