Thursday, March 30, 2006

Coming Soon

Coming Soon. Get ready. Wow


PatChilla said...

Interesting. Is this the next level in marketing? It appears that the motivation behind the project is to promote the reissue of the album, but its packaged like a "we care about remixing and sharing" spot. I'm not being critical of them, its just pretty interesting to me.

Sean said...

Perhaps artists are realizing they should embrace the remixing culture as a means of getting the word beats paying for advertising.

teru said...

Call me naive but I don't think they would really gain any marketing/PR advantages by doing this. If anything I think it's a great endorsment for CC. And if in fact it is a PR move, then I see that as a HUGE compliment to the CC movement.

Bottom line it works both ways. : )

Also I think this is first I've ever heard of any past material to be "re-issued" on a CC licence. Just think of the possibilities there.

gurdonark said...

Amazing. Great! Eno. Byrne. Yes.

Marco Raaphorst said...

This is really interesting. I know that record for years.

So it seems we're able to remix this stuff. Superb!

I have an idea.

Since DiSfish is a pure donation-based label, we can use publicity. I would love to create a special album (10-12 tracks) with some Mixter people. We could all do one track or collaborate.

It will also be good for me since I have some many unfinished stuff... so this idea might kick my lazy ass a bit :)

Any help, tips ... welcome!

gurdonark said...

That's a great idea, Marco. I'd love to play, if it comes off.

teru said...

Great idea Marco.

BTW - where's Cezary.

Marco Raaphorst said...

Cezary needs to relax a bit. Was very busy last couple of months.

Thanks for the support guys, we really can use that at DiSfish.