Saturday, March 04, 2006

Boing (2 times)

I think BoingBoing is doing a great job. I like their copyfight and there interest in modern art. It's one of those blogs which is on top of my feed-reader list.

And the BoingBoing copyfighters are populair, very populair. So at one end you have the evil forces of like Sony and on the other end BoingBoing. Uhm.

For me BoingBoing is a good example of modern culture. A culture I love with respect for remixing and art in general.

How about you?

2 comments: said...

I enjoy remixing and art is my, enough said

gurdonark said...

Lorena, your artbeat site looks interesting, as does the info on your upcoming book at your site.
Greetings from a fellow texan!