Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mixter Power

I use a lot of different devices to "get the word out" on my simple ambient music, and I can't always tell which things make the most difference. I can tell that ccmixter brings people to my music, because folks say a kind word here or there. This week, though, I got a graphic example of how ccmixter can help promote music. I posted a remix a few days ago. Within thirty six hours, my site ( for one of my albums got 20 downloads (even though it's not mentioned on the mixter site, and usually gets a few a week or two) and my page suddenly got several hundred more hits in a very short time. I can't give all the credit to the mixter, but I can tell by the dramatic nature of the increase v. the timing that mixter gets a good bit of credit. Sometimes, it's easy to focus on reviews and stars, but it's fun to see a tangible evidence that people listen to what's on the site. New downloads is about as tangible as it gets. So kudos to mixter, which really does work to get the word out on my odd music.

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Marco Raaphorst said...

the power of the Internet and linking stuff together :)

great example!