Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey, hey, hey.

First off, my appologies for my lack of posts lately. I've had some other things on my mind. Due to some unforseen circumstances I will not be posting very much for a little while. But not to worry I will be back shortly. You couldn't keep me away even if you wanted to. ; )

In other news. Hepepe finally got in touch with me I and sent him an invitation.

Not to brag or anything but I was expecting roughly half of the people I sent invitations to to sign up for this blog. But now I am proud to say everyone who was initially invited is now on board.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to state that this is our/your blog. Any invitations from here on will be up to you. Please feel free to send out invitations to keep this project growing. Simply go to the blog 'Settings' and then 'Add New Member'.

And lastly, feel free to make any changes, improvements or features you feel will make this Blog a better more interesting place to hang out.

The Mixter community is the best community on the web. Bar none.

Thank you all,



Dr_Concoction said...

Teru, thanks for all your efforts with the ccmixter movement....seriously, I appreciate everything youve done and for inviting me to blog. Im hoping everything gets smoothed out quickly so I can hear more from you. Good luck, much love.

fourstones said...

you got friends dude. we're a communitay.

gurdonark said...

thanks, Teru. This mixterblog is a good thing, and thanks for starting it.

teru said...

Thanks guys. Let's get some posts up, eh? ; )