Monday, February 20, 2006

Counting Remixes

I'm working on stats and charts and I'm not sure what makes sense.

Take this case...

When I'm compiling stats for spinningmerkaba, does this count as being remixed once, or 18 times?

The reverse happened here... where it looks like sleepless (aka Brilliant Orange Object) is one of the most remixed artsts on the site, but really, it's all about g going to town on this one upload.

Is it unfair to lump these two artists in with others (like brad and j.lang) where the distribution of remixes is spread out so much more...?



Gurdonark said...

I love brilliant orange object's samples, which are easy to fit with the kind of music I do. I don't want to take anything away from his work, which is useful for me to use not only as primary samples, but also as transition atmospherics when I am trying to paste disparate things together.

I agree, though, that it is qualitatively different when one person is extensively remixed by one person than when one person is remixed by one dozen persons, even if 12 remixes result each time.

I think rather than to subtract a stat, if the stats somehow tracked
a separate stat of "remixed by x artists", that would be one curative, but, as always, I know nothing about the coding other than that ccmixter has a tag for everything.

PatChilla said...

Well, technically each instance of spinningmerkaba's samples should be counted as a remix because they were actually "remixed". However, thats the truly logical viewpoint and throws all sensiblity out the window. Since all the samples are embodied in a single song I'd call it a single remix. If it is to be considered multiples remixes, then what happens when cdk's song is remixed as far as stats are concerned? To me, its seems that calling for multiple remix stats in that piece is on the verge of Enron style accounting.

fourstones said...

yea, the spinningmerkaba example may be pointing to another, bigger problem:

Uploading samples is funky, browsing for them nearly impossible and now it turns out counting them is broken.

We've had several cases where people upload some individual tracks, then the fully mixed mp3 those tracks came from, point to their OWN tracks and call the mixed mp3 a 'remix'. (talking about Enron accounting ;)

The hard part is to make it all simple, idiot-proof and most of all usable.

fourstones said...

And here is a beautiful example of what we're talking about that all just came in this morning

PatChilla said...

It probably wasn't appropriate that as soon as I clicked the link I got gutted out a big chuckle, but that really has to be a headache in the making. I wish I could help you out on this one because it seems like you're going to have your hands full in trying to simply things. I'm not a programmer but it seems like it would be extremely difficult to have numerous files pointing to a single new file and count them as one file summed.