Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spectrum Analysis

Now this is a Podcast.

Spectrum Analysis is a brand spanking new Podcast hosted by Ben Shewmaker.

"Its aim is to explore the myriad of ways to create music electronically by interviewing artists, teachers, audio engineers, or whoever else might be knowledgable enough to share some information"

The first episode, titled - Where Do I Start? features an interview with some guy you may have heard of, who happens to know a heck of a lot about the artistic and technical aspects of music production. A great interview. An absolute must for anyone interested in digital audio production. Check it out.



fourstones said...

This is shew's account on mixter

creativelycommon said...
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creativelycommon said...

to mis-quote pavement,
"call and response bringing it home"

BTV Productions said...


I would like to contact you in regards to your song, Hmmmm on ccMixter and a documentary I am working on. Feel free to contact me at westminster95 (at) AOL (dot) com. :)