Friday, January 27, 2006

My First iPod!

Originally uploaded by fourstones.
This is me rockin out on my first iPod! ooooooooollllllldddddddd skoooooooool


PatChilla said...

Is that Robert Farnon I hear playing in the background? The transformations of human cultures in 40 years is incredible. Almost feels like 400 years ago!!!

Dr_Concoction said...

I thought that was the mid 80s. crazy pic, with the 1st Ipod prototype in the mid 80s....u know I still dont have any MP3 player, what am I doing???

fourstones said...

Is that Robert Farnon I hear playing

Herman's Hermits dude.

teru said...

Yeah but could your "iPod" pick up live feeds without a subsription or ISP?

What's that? Yes. Oh. Well it's still only got one earbud. What's up with that? ; )

gurdonark said...

Mine would have been tuned to Grand Funk Railroad, or maybe Santana 3