Wednesday, January 18, 2006

mixter 1 triumphant

I notice that Lisa DeBenedictis's "Mixter One" is moving up the charts over at Magnatune. I think that the Mixter in general and all the winning mixters, not to mention the gifted Lisa, should be proud of the current ascent in the Magnatune rock charts:

I Dont Know What Im Doing by Brad Sucks
Tigers by Lisa DeBenedictis
Stuff by Very Large Array
Fruitless by Lisa DeBenedictis
Mixter One by Lisa DeBenedictis

In my personal opinion, it's also darn cool that Brad Sucks holds down the top spot.

This mixtering appears to be catching on.


teru said...

To have three albums out at one time is incredible in itself. Watch out for #4!!!

Gurdonark said...

Yes, for her to be charted 3 times at once is positively Beatlesesque.

I think that the word is getting out on Lisa's music.

The mixter compilation is a lot of fun--I was just commuting to work with it this morning, and thought it a good listen.