Monday, January 30, 2006


Gcast - "So easy your grandma could do it -- it's fun and FREE!"

I haven't tried it. I just stumbled across it and thought it might be of interest to someone. From the creators of Garageband. Simplified podcasting with free (ad supported) hosting.

If anyone has any more info, please let me know.


fourstones said...

This is coming soon to mixter (only without the ads and the phone things -- which is a little goofy if you ask me)

The radio promos is just the first step toward that.

Playlists are definitely coming, I think it's the next big new feature after mixoffs.

I've been thinking about how to do the bit that combines all the mp3s into a half hour block -- I think we'll put the word out on the CC dev networks to see if we can get someone to volunteer that.

With the last piece in place, almost any music hosting site (or for that matter playlist sites like WebJay) can do what they're talking about.

I'm just not sure anymore if there are in fact more podcasters than podcast listeners.

teru said...

"This is coming soon to mixter (only without the ads and the phone things) "

That would be....Perfect. : )

One thing I'd like to ask. (and this may sound stupid). But are podcasts and playlists the same thing?

I was under the impression that podcasts are like Staccato or the Revolution with commentary, recorded into one file. Playlists are separate tracks combined for streaming. Are they both considered podcasts?

If this is the case then isn't downloading any audio file then "podcasting". I'm starting to think that the word Podcasting is lame. Last week I looked into recording on an iPod(my friend's). We wanted to record directly on the iPod so we didn't have to sit around the computer. The attatchments totalled about $300.00.

Podcasting seems to be a word without a clear definition. The only thing clear about it is it sells more iPods. That's lame.

Sorry about the rant. : )

gurdonark said...

I'll have to pull out my "podcasting for dummies" book, Teru, and see if I can find a cool definition.

I think that the term is over-used, but the notion of a kind of "radio program" comprised of songs or other audio is closer to my idea of a podcast than when I put 7 songs in my "podcast" at A friend of mine does a regular ambient podcast, which is like a regular, and popular radio show, only net-download-based. That, to me, is a "real" podcast.

I'm going to look into this new service, though.

shagrugg said...

I wrote an article about the overuse and abuse of the term podcast, which I had to sit back objecively and remove all the ranting insanity before it was published. I started becoming especially edgy about it's use when I would find mp3 files that were hyperlinked with text that said "listen to my podcast"...PODcast is for portable on delivery. Apple built a product line around in and loves that the term PODcast falsely implies to consumers that if you want to listen to a PODcast and be cool and be in the know then you need an iPOD.

PODcasts are not only audio and any implication that they are purely audio files is entirely wrong...a true podcast is an rss or xml feed with mime types that can be text, audio, video, and image files, it can then be synidicated to listeners who subscribe to the feed. OMG I'm ranting again...I'll shutup now.