Thursday, May 12, 2022

Pollinators Secret Mixter

Pollinators Secret Mixter Promises a Diverse Mix of CC Licensed Music For Your Summer Playlists

If you're looking for music that is cross pollinated with the most uniquely original source on the planet -- you've come to the right place.  ccMixter is buzzing with creators that scour the honeycomb of CC licensed stems -- vocals, beats, and you name it, for producing one of kind remixes that add color to the universe of music. 

At the apex of this hive of creativity is the Secret Mixter event.  This adds an extra special incentive to the mix, where creatives pair off on secretly assigned missions to bring a remix back to the site that is specific to another participating artist.  No one knows until upload day who's bringing their honey back to the hive.  All we know is that on upload day ccMixter receives a refreshing new set of songs that get lots of attention.   

“...In nature, to get you have to give. There is no charity. There is no exploitation, neither selfishness nor selflessness. One grows by helping others grow. Is that not the perfect society?” ― Devdutt Pattanaik

If you're interested in listening to these mixes -- you'll have to wait until upload day June 5th, 2022.  If you'd like to participate -- then sign up!  Instructions for newbies are here.  Event dates are:

Sign-up May 8-May 21
Assignments go out May 22
Remix May 22-Jun 4
Upload Day is June 5!

Get ready to cross pollinate!  Remix culture is alive and well right here at

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Songs of Solidarity Remix Event

Songs of Solidarity

It’s a victory when the weapons fall silent and people speak up. ~Volodymyr Zelensky

The humanitarian crisis happening in the Ukraine is deepening.  The impact of Russia's invasion is spreading and will be felt for years to come.  Humans all over the globe have shown true compassion and voice the call for an end to the escalation of war.  As an online community of worldwide musicians, ccMixter created Songs of Solidarity to contribute what we can, a platform for creating music that is shareable and remixable.  Music heals.  

ccMixter artist and CEO Emily Richards is personally donating $5 for every upload to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.  If you would like to match that, or find out more information.  Visit the Songs for Solidarity forum page.

If you have a song that you want to share, please join in.  

-ccMixter artist and CEO Emily Richards is personally donating $5 for every upload to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.- 

If you'd just like to listen and share, here is the remix uploads playlist, which is receiving new mixes daily.

May sunflowers of song be symbols of our solidarity, that rise to an azure sky of hope.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Wings of Music Spreading! Imaginal Cells Secret Mixter 2022


Stretching Wings to Fly, One Secret Mixter at a Time

Imaginal Cells releases thirty new remixes into the emerging spring of 2022.

We are in a time where new possibilities are teeming within an unknown future. In today’s changing world, humans on planet earth are like caterpillars ready to become something totally different through metamorphosis.  We are honored to bring you 30 new creative commons remixes that showcase metamorphosis in sound.  These tracks are totally new, just out of the cocoon, and stretching their wings into the playlists of the world.

Remixing is like metamorphosis in a way — taking existing pieces of music and blending them together, making an entirely new song not previously imagined.  The creativity in our community thrives beyond the individual, like butterflies that cross the globe carrying their collective beauty into the future.

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form”. ~Wayne Dyer

Discover new music, new form and new connection right here right now and spread your wings with sound.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

FMA Podcast: Open Call for Music

Submit your remix for use in the FMA's new podcast series!

Here's the call--direct from the FMA:




New Music wanted for the Intro & Outro of the new upcoming FMA podcast: Music Insiders by Free Music Archive. 


Submission Requirements:

-Vocal or Instrumental

-No longer than 20 seconds

-CC License Type: CC BY SA 4.0

-Last day to Submit: Friday, January 28th, 2021​


​Submission Entry:

-Submit your track(s) via your FMA artist page with the FMA upload wizard

-Include/Add-in Track Title: - FMA Podcast Suggestion

-The Music Insiders by Free Music Archive podcast series will be published on the FMA -Homepage; known for its immense traffic, therefore attracting thousands of listeners!


 All submitted tracks will be listened to and requirements will be checked. Possible outcomes for your submitted track(s):

- One selected track/Artist for both Intro & Outro

- Two selected tracks/Artists, one for Intro & one for Outro


*Please don't forget to add - FMA Podcast Suggestion together with your track title in order for us to easily find your submission(s).



Uploading to the FMA? Watch:

FMA upload Video Tutorial

Keep Creating!  Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Spin's Picks 2021


Looking for a place to start diggin' into what happened last year?  Here's a playlist that includes some of my favorite remixes from some of my favorite ccmixter artists and from some newcomers to the scene.

Hope you had as great a year as we did, and wishing you the best in 2022!

Holiday Funk and Blues Remix


CcMixter Holiday Funk & Blues Remix Event 2021

The holiday blues can be serious, sad, and downright lonely. They can be contemplative, introspective, and deep. They can also be a source of connection, inspiration, and expression.

In all cases, the holiday blues go best with music. That’s why, this year, we’re not going all jolly and holly, sugar cookies and candy canes. We’re going down in it where it’s real — with some gritty funk and blues.

And when those blue snowflakes start falling, that’s when those blue memories start calling. ~Jay W. Johnson/Billy Hayes

The Playlist for this creative collaboration is ready for you to dig through and pick out the best remixes for your holiday playlists--now and into the future of Holiday Funk and Blues--for  when the blue snowflakes start falling.

Holiday Funk and Blues Playlist

Monday, November 01, 2021

Rooted an Rising Secret Mixter


Trees psychedelic Rooted and Rising

This Secret Mixter, Rooted and Rising, brought in 27 original compositions that are all examples of gift culture, sharing audio and remix collaboration at its finest.  From retro dance, to experimental, to alt rock EDM, there's something to discover in this playlist rooted in creativity, and rising to the tops of online music production.  

Thank you to all the artists that participated in this event.  We are happy to be supportive of your time and talents.  

Keep making music!  

Playlist Here