Sunday, January 14, 2024

Secret Sauce Secret Mixter

Secret Sauce Secret Mixter

Make your reservations now! Ir's time for the most tantalizing musical feast of the new year! The Secret Sauce Secret Mixter! The anticipation is palpable, and the excitement is building as the musical suspense in our ccMixter soul kitchen reaches a boiling point. In this Secret Mixter every note is a spice, and every beat is a dash of flavor.

Feeling saucy? Feeling sweet? From drumrolls to simmering synths, this event promises to be a delicacy for the ears and a delight for the senses. Think of your mix like a recipe share of stems, pells and source audio. And although your recipes are shareable, they are to be kept secret until upload day.

In the orchestra of a great kitchen, the sauce chef is a soloist. - Fernand Point

Are you ready to savor the Secret Sauce Secret Mixter experience? Mark your calendars, keep those lips sealed, and get ready to immerse yourself in a musical banquet like no other!

Deets and FAQs:
Are you new to Secret Mixters? Read this first before you sign up. Otherwise, put on your chef’s hat and enter the kitchen! Sign up now, your secret sauce ingredient will be assigned to you soon.

Secret Sauce Event Dates:
Sign up between Jan 14 -Jan 27
Assignments go out Jan 28
Upload day is Feb 11

We all want to know…What’s in your secret sauce? But remember, don’t share it until upload day. Let it simmer and then serve it up for all to taste!

Meet the other chefs in the forums!

Monday, January 01, 2024

Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year to you from everyone at CcMixter! Last year was huge for us and we look forward to continued expansion across the global, making music for all to enjoy! Get in the mix! #ccmixter #youtubemusic #NYE2024 #holidays #musiclover #onebigglobalband #musicconnectsus #youtubeplaylists #holidaymusic #wintersolstice #remixnation

  “It is in vain to write on the seasons unless you have the seasons in you.” - Henry David Thoreau

One of the most enchanting aspects of old holiday songs is the sense of nostalgia they bring. At ccMixter, we have uploads that have been a part of our holiday traditions for decades, if not centuries, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Join us as we continue the tradition of seasonal music remixing.  

All the details here:

#ccmixter #circleofseasons #remixevent #openmusic #CreativeCommonsMusic #attribution #musiclover #onebigglobalband #musicconnectsus #youtubemusic #youtubeplaylists

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Soundtracks: Take 1


Music is the soundtrack of your life. — Dick Clark

Soundtracks: Take 1

You’re on the set, ready to create the score that gives life to the film. The scene continues from where (and what) we launched with the MixterPlus Dreaming Together event. (read about it here)

Your role: Record and submit original mixes for other creators to use in their videos, movies, vlogs, podcasts, and promotions. The excitement is palpable as the story of new tech and new licensing is developing alongside our vibrant community of collaborative musicians.

Soundtracks: Take 1 is also a continuation of ccMixter’s recent Parallel Paths Secret Mixter because our music community is inspired by collaborative events, and they are the driving force for producing the content that is used all over the internet for media productions.

Why are we so excited about this next scene in our story?

Because there is a whole new level of functionality at MixterPlus we want you to experience. mwic is hard at work building better upload features, tagging systems, track editing ability. If you took part in Dreaming Together, you’ll definitely notice the upgrades.

As an early adopter, you are crucial to the success in developing our new music licensing platform. We want your music and we want your feedback.

And don’t forget to get your ccMixter and Mixter Plus merch. Wear it proudly!
ccMixter Merch
MixterPlus Merch
Patreon Memberships

We’re focusing on samples and stem packs until Sept. 24 and then remixes until Oct 15 but like all our events, any upload type is always welcome at any time.

Monday, August 28, 2023

MIxterPlus Zoom Meeting


MIxterPlus Zoom Meeting

Hey Mixters!

Sunday September 3 at 5pm GMT (6p London, 1p NYC, 10a LA) is MxterPlus' second live zoom session. To join us email admins to RSVP and we’ll send you the link. The session will be shared later on the MixterPlus YouTube channel.

In the zoom we’ll announce our new event called Soundtracks, update you on added features at, and share more about new opportunities for our music.

RSVP to join the livestream, but if you can’t make it, we’ll update you here.

See you soon!

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Parallel Paths Secret Mixter


Parallel Paths Secret Mixter

This event is no longer a secret.... Listen to the mixes here:


“Parallel paths often lead to extraordinary destinations.” - Karen Salmansohn

Just like train tracks, ccMixter and Mixter Plus are running along a parallel path supporting the locomotive of remix culture. They function together inseparably, distributing the music we create to listeners and content creators around the world.

This is why we’ve entitled the second Secret Mixter of 2023 “Parallel Paths.”

Parallel Paths celebrates ccMixter’s creative track, tried and true. The Secret Mixter event has reliably arrived with upload days of new and original remixes since 2004. Now, almost twenty years later, we continue on.

And though some of us have taken this journey before, none of us have yet arrived at where we are going. New tracks are being produced as the world of creative expression continues to get crazily more complex. With the changes we’re going through it may seem like this train is the Ozzy Osbourne “Crazy Train” but in reality, it’s a freight train carrying the legacy of remix culture into a new future.

“Sometimes parallel paths can bring people closer than intersecting ones ever could.” - Unknown

New destinations are popping up around us, and we have the experience we need to connect to them. We have a reliable past to draw from as we build into the future. We’ve blazed new paths before and we’re up to the challenge once again.

Together through ccMixter and MixterPlus we roll on. Listen to the whistle of remix culture blowin’ on down the line as we ride the rails of creative collaboration toward a common destination.

Are you new to Secret Mixters? Read this first before you sign up. Otherwise, climb aboard! You don’t need a ticket, just sign up now. This Secret Mixter is about to leave the station!

Event Dates:
Sign up between July 9-July 23
Assignments go out July 23
Upload day is August 6

Check back for the playlist link on August 6th!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

So Sha's Talent is A Perfect Fit for Colaboration

ccMixter Loves So Sha, Here's Why:

100 Million Souls is a perfect example of what happens when talent meets talent. Zep Herme's mad production skills are on display in his remix of So Sha's powerful original song 100 MILLION SOULS -- which features her breathy vocals that push us to feel the depth of her intricate relationship with her birthplace, the Philippines. 

Inside Me, a cinematic remix by Ant Survila, also features So Sha on the mic, and her original song INSIDE ME, that has been released on all the major platforms and was featured on BBC Radio. Her acapella has been remixed at least 10 times at ccMixter.

Vocalist/songwriters on ccMixter are the building block of our community, and So Sha has quickly become a foundational artist for producers around the world with her dynamic vocals and emotive lyrics. 

We're looking forward to hearing more from this talented musician. Not only is she a gifted singer/songwriter, she contributes to the ccMixter community in many ways beyond what is expected.  She's a rising star!

So Sha has generously shared her acappellas under Creative Commons licenses so others may interact with her music. Check out her uploads here. Thanks for all you do So Sha!  

Team ccMixter