Saturday, October 29, 2022

Sonic Treats From The Mixin' Kitchen

Happy Halloween!

Sackjo22 dug deep into the archives of ccMixter and cooked up a Halloween brew of sonic tricks and treats just for you. She's servin' up ghoul stew straight from the Mixin' Kitchen. Over 40 frightening tracks that will make your playlists go viral. Mauh ha ha!

"Where there is much light, the shadow is deep.
Sometimes I sit in the dark." - Goethe

Do you dare to know more about the Mixin' Kitchen?  Sackjo22 has a cupboard filled with snacks, and lot's more to find in the refrigerator.  And when it's late at night, and everyone's asleep, you might not get caught with your hands in the cookie jar.  Go where, as Goethe suggests, "where the shadow is deep--there is light," or at least maybe a slice of pumpkin pie.  

Visit the Mixin' Kitchen for more delicious details.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Under Attack and Keeping the Dream Alive

Waking Dreams Secret Mixter: Transforming a Nightmare

The week before Upload Day of the Waking Dreams Secret Mixter our site was viciously attacked by robots. ccMixter was brought down multiple times before our most popular remix event series. But hard work, creativity and persistence of the human spirit prevailed -- and Upload Day came just the same.

"Due to the long hours of dedication from our tech wizard, the commitment of the ccMixter admin team,  and with the help of our dedicated community, we patched together a workaround that allowed event participants to continue uploading and listening," remarked Snowflake, the community's leader.

25 original remixes later, Waking Dreams has entered the history books of ccMixter, a legacy that shines light into the dark reality we face if we don't protect our dreams. 

We are working on a roadmap for the future of ccMixter

"Even against a malicious attack our music rang out around the globe," exclaimed Kara Square, ccMixter Lead Admin.

Because we're still defending the site, streaming and downloading remain slow and difficult. For the Waking Dreams Secret Mixter we created a playlist on Soundcloud for a smoother listening experience. Members continue to recommend and review tracks on

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Any support you can contribute will help us rebuild more quickly. Become a monthly Patreon member:

We are working on a roadmap for the future of ccMixter and will share more with you soon. 

The art of tech and the art of music together will continue to push back and keep the music flowing. We are resilient. 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Waking Dreams Secret Mixter


Dreaming is topic that is filled with mystery, filled with speculation, and filled with a sense of knowing.  Somehow dreams are familiar and also just beyond the reach of our intellect.  In some instances the dream world becomes our waking world, or vice versa.  These dreams are the most interesting because the line between the "real" and the "imaginary" is blurred.  And like waking dreams, music has the power to send us into a dreamworld where we feel connected to the tangible and the intangible all at the same time.

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. -- Paul Valery

So wake up and dream with us!  With this Secret Mixter event, we explore the waking dream experience through remixing each other.  Every remixer that signs up will get the chance to step into the dream world of creation, using their assigned artist's stems to guide them. And every participant will receive a dream mix of their own. What comes of that journey will be uploaded and shared with the world.  

In a world of waking dreams, there are endless possibilities.  What will you choose to dream into existence?  What will be the secret song that guides you into the unknown knows?  Sign up and join in the collective dream of creative commons remixing.

Sign ups start Sunday August 14th
Remixing Begins Sunday August 28th
Updoad Day is Sunday September 11th

To join in and find out more Click Here.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Remixes Featured at 39th Annual IASD Art Exhibit

Thanks to the amazing work and artistry of ccMixter artist Susan Ackerman Joseph (aka "sackjo22"), a playlist of recently produces remixes was featured in the Dream Art Exhibit in Tucson, Arizona during the 39th annual IASD Dream Conference. The playlist entitled "Dreaming Oceans" featured 41 curated remixes that played in the exhibit hall while attendees viewed art and communed with each other.

Oceans evoke contemplation, wonder. They symbolize the unconscious.

The remixes theme centered around dreams, and more specifically dreams related to whale songs--unique recordings of whales that were contributed to the ccMixter community by Oscar Frey. These whale songs dreamily swim throughout the uploads, and create a watery realm to the original soundscapes created.
Susan Ackerman Joseph, aka "sackjo22"

Thank you to the IASD, to Susan and Oscar, and to all the ccMixter artists that contributed to this special event. May everyone who listens to these incredibly deep and imaginative remixes have dreams filled with creativity and connectivity.

Listen to the music here:
Dreaming Oceans Playlist

Read more about the Ocean Dreams Remix event here:

Monday, June 20, 2022

Ocean Dreams Remix Event

Dream Songs and Ocean Songs Remixed For Sonic Installation at The IASD Dream Conference.

June 8th is this year's World Ocean’s Day — and for those who are dedicated to ocean conservation — we invite you to express your dreams of, and for, the ocean and its inhabitants during this special remix event.

With inspiration from a newly released whale song “Full Moon Acappella” from ocean conservationist Oscar Frey, and a meditative spoken word from SackJo22, Dreaming Oceans, remixes will be produced and featured as a sonic installation and soundscape during the dream-art show at the annual dream conference in Tucson Arizona.  The show is sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

You are invited to join ccMixter in this meditative sound exploration featuring whale songs and meditative spoken word.

In addition to featuring this music live at the dream art show July 17 through July 20, a curation of whale songs from this event and the previous Whale Songs remix event will be released as an ccMIxter digital album.  

To participate or for more details, join us in the forums.

Mixes are already dropping!  Listen to the recently Ed Picked "Primordial Ocean Dreams Meditation remixed by Kara Square.

"The sea is like music, it has all the dreams of the soul within itself and sounds them over." - Carl Jung, Memories and Dreams

Ocean Dreams Playlist Here.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

CcMixter Design Contest: We're getting a new look!

Freelance Designers Get a Chance to Win $1000!

ccMixter is upgrading the site's look and functionality with an open call for Wordpress template designs on Freelancer.

Designs are already being submitted by designers the world over.  The ccMixter admin team is busy vetting each one to find what will become the new look and feel for the world renowned website that defines remix culture.  
The contest is for 4 page designs: Home Page, Track List, Track Page, Artist Profile.  Participants can find out more by going to the contest page.

"Recommended Skills--Graphic Design Software Development UI / User Interface Website Design WordPress"

Everyone at ccMixter is excited about the future upgrades to our site.  Join us in the forums for more information.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Pollinators Secret Mixter

Pollinators Secret Mixter Delivers a Diverse Mix of CC Licensed Music For Your Summer Playlists

If you're looking for music that is cross pollinated with the most uniquely original source on the planet -- you've come to the right place.  ccMixter is buzzing with creators that scour the honeycomb of CC licensed stems -- vocals, beats, and you name it, for producing one of kind remixes that add color to the universe of music. 

At the apex of this hive of creativity is the Secret Mixter event.  This adds an extra special incentive to the mix, where creatives pair off on secretly assigned missions to bring a remix back to the site that is specific to another participating artist.  No one knows until upload day who's bringing their honey back to the hive.  All we know is that on upload day ccMixter receives a refreshing new set of songs that get lots of attention.   

“...In nature, to get you have to give. There is no charity. There is no exploitation, neither selfishness nor selflessness. One grows by helping others grow. Is that not the perfect society?” ― Devdutt Pattanaik

Get in the mix and pollinate your summer playlists with cutting edge original music that is free to share according to the cc licenses they are released under.  

25 remixes Available Here

Remix culture is alive and well right here at