Sunday, August 01, 2010


ccMixter is a collaborative community that uses Creative Commons licenses. ASCAP is the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers.

The Freedom to Share Remix Event especially honors the art of writing and composition. ccMixter is a place where writing and composition are uniquely honored through collaboration.

ASCAP recently started a fund-raising campaign for a fight against Creative Commons, EFF and Public Knowledge claiming Creative Commons licenses undermine copyright, somehow forfeiting artist royalties. We've found rather the opposite to be true, as ccMixter thrives from the creative freedom and opportunity inherent in sharing our work under Creative Commons licenses.

As artists, WE should have the freedom to choose how we share our work. Creative Commons licenses are an innovative way for us to retain ownership, and yet also give us the freedom to choose how our work is used and reused. We do not sacrifice ownership by sharing our creative product under these licenses, nor do we necessarily give up our right to receive royalties (depending on the Creative Commons license under which a work is shared).

An "official" ccMixter response was considered. But our creative, collaborative process speaks for itself. Our creative works are more powerful than words. Thus the "Freedom to Share" remix event was born!

Visit this ccMixter forum post to learn more about the project.

Through this project, as a community, we will create a body of work that not only comments thematically on the issues raised by this debate, but that demonstrates practically the power of creative collaboration using Creative Commons licenses.

Thanks for participating in the Freedom to Share Remix Project -- and for demonstrating the power of Creative Commons and the ccMixter community.