Monday, November 23, 2009

Fourstones Curates Above Ground for the Creative Commons and the FMA

Creative Commons invited ccMixter's very own Fourstones to curate the first playlist in their Curratorial Mix Series on the FMA!- Here is what Fourstones has to say about his "Above Ground Playlist":

"For all the activism in the Open Music movement, nothing pushes the ball forward like brilliant, evocative music. While there is plenty of underground music of all sub-genres at ccMixter, there is also a growing collection of mainstream, above-ground producers who understand the value of sharing as a means of boosting their own creativity along with their exposure."

This playlist represents a sampler of "straight" pop and R&B done by producers who have an ear for the popular without sacrificing artistry.

The Original Mix at ccMixter

1 comment:

SackJo22 said...

What an excellent set! I played it while I did Thanksgiving baking and at times I just had to put down the wisk so I could do a little kitchen dance!